Source Marine Hydration Gift Set

– Hydra Marine 24H Cream, 50 ml
The first beautifying moisturiser that so perfectly combines effectiveness and sensoriality that 100% of women were won over! *
Essential to provide your skin with 24 hour hydration** while infusing it with new, perfect radiance.
Its luxurious and rich texture gives the skin a velvety feel, with a light fragrance of tea and white flowers.
*self-assessment by a panel of 16 people, agaed 26-54, over 28 days.
**Effectiveness test conducted with 10 volunteers. Average score after 24h : 21,7%

– Hydra Marine Serum, 30 ml
The first universal radiance serum by THALGO that targets the loss of luminosity at its source. This incredibly fresh, melt-in gel helps reactivate the skin’s natural detoxification process to deliver pure radiance and the original luminosity of the complexion.

– Hydra-Marine 24hr Eye Fluid, 10 ml
Looking for fresh, rested and sparkling eyes? A re-energising product containing a refreshing and hydrating active ingredient, ideal for reducing the appearance of the signs of fatigue.
Suitable for contact lens wearers* – Fragrance-free


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